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German Postbank cooperates with Coindex and plans crypto trade

German banks are still holding back on Bitcoin trading. The coming year could finally bring the big change.

Given the usual skepticism of many banks in Germany, the rather rare messages about getting into the crypto sector are probably all the more interesting. With Postbank, one of the largest and most well-known companies in the German banking industry now dares to team up with a crypto service provider. Postbank and the company Coindex have decided to cooperate. Postbank customers who have long been thinking of trading Bitcoin and Altcoins can easily do so soon. For this purpose, Postbank customers will have access to the special Coindex trading platform.

This is how the current joint reports from the cooperation partners state. Who is Coindex? This is a young, new company with headquarters in Bielefeld. The startup will finally open its own platform doors in the first month of the new year. With the slogan "platform for intelligent crypto portfolios", the service provider definitely gets some attention from potential investors. Digital assets are expected to be tradable on an index basis from next year. At present, a revision phase is underway, and Postbank investors should be able to invest in crypto-values starting in March. Which currencies should be available at the end in detail, the Coindex website does not answer yet. However, not only Bitcoin and Ethereum are to be listed as the basis for the in-house "Cdx".

Behind the term "Cdx", the platform hides a "fully automatic dynamic index". This index should be able to map the entire crypto market. It is known that lenders do not have to create their own wallet. The normal Coindex account including legitimacy is sufficient for investments. The management is supervised by the government. The aim is to make trade as easy as it is transparent. Investor needs should be the linchpin for trading. The Postbank ask interested parties on their website also for wishes and suggestions for the upcoming trading platform. The likelihood that bank customers in Germany are able to trade next year Ethereum, Litecoin and, of course, Bitcoin is high. Politics is currently laying the foundation for a market opening. Not all crypto followers show up positive mood by reading such messages.