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Complaint-Furious Headscarf Women

Headscarf WomenThis is a criticism of all women who are taking their headscarf as a weapon and then start indiscriminately lamenting companies (or authorities) if they are not getting hired, or are only going there with this intention.

Migrants have it hard enough anyway. Because of these women who abuse their headscarf as a weapon, a company in the future will probably decide against migrants, because he has to reckon with this one complaining at every opportunity. Whether it is prayer time, in which the employee is not available, in order to be able to eat in the way of religion (ie supplementary offer in canteens), special wishes for holidays, or simply the refusal to come in contact in supermarkets with alcohol or pork, etc.

In a time when it is hard to find a job, it is an extra burden. Both for the employer and for all the migrants who are not invited to the interview because of the fact that the entrepreneur simply fears that the woman will later mutate to the headscarf woman and ask for further privileges. Those who use religion as a weapon, like this kind of headscarf women, in order to cloak themselves privileges, which may be an advantage in the short term. But he makes life unnecessarily difficult for others.

It's enough to look like a Muslim. You are already in the same pot, as all the Muslims, who make every day only anger, like the complaisant headscarf women. Here I have sympathy for the companies who don't like to take such a risk. But I am particularly sorry for those Muslims, who are not so bold as to complain about every trifle, and especially those migrants who have nothing to do with Islam, but who are constantly in despair because of their Jihadi-compatriots.

Especially secular / liberal Muslims should ask themselves whether they should not have realized a long time age that in a highly secularized society, it is only possible to go backwards if one wants to force others to his religion or force them to live their way of life.

The people in Europe consider religion as a private matter. It is therefore legit to reject people from his company, who are making from beginning the impression that they are taking their little God State into the company and expand themselves with it in the company. Non-Muslims among the employees would have a problem with this.

I'm just wondering, why secular Muslims are always behind those, as for example behind the head scarf women who make life difficult for them. It is not only the entrepreneur, who could be financially run-out by this crap, because he can not afford all the adjustments, or is sued in insolvency - apart from the damage of reputation. These are the hobby-jihadists, who are using every small pretext to run their war against Western society.

Problems do not resolve until you leave your religion at home. Fact is, if headscarf women want to sue their religion without regard for losses in places, in which too clearly shown religiosity is not liked, the counter-defense will become more and more aggressive.


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