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Converge ICT Solution Inc. - only their billing is functioning - they are even too lazy to fix their own network

Every customer from a company likes to get something in return for his hard earned money. The chances that you get nothing in return and even get teased if you are a customer from Converge ICT Solutions Inc. is very high. One guy from Converge or one who is only licking on their shoes even asked me why I have a rant against Converge. I have no rant against Converge, I have only a rant against technical and business incompetence, especially if someone tries to tease me. I had a good experience with the Converge field technicians as they try to understand the problems of their customers, but the support staff has no idea about what they are doing. Here can everybody find how service request are getting handled from this deadbeats. They do everything for avoiding to move their own ass and fix their own internal network problems. It looks like that Converge is even not able or does not have the knowledge to fix their network problems.

Before you take a look at the traces I have made, you should understand how they need to get interpreted. Here is the description of the IP addresses shown in the traces:

  1. is the private IP address of my home router
  2. is the router from Converge, to which the cable modem is sending all the traffic.
  3. is a router from Converge where all the outgoing traffic for US and Europe gets routed
  4. a private IP address of a router inside the Converge network, which is not answering to pings. For this reason the IP cannot get monitored with standard tools.
  5. one more router inside the Converge network on the way for reaching the oversea lines
  6. one more router managed by Converge on the way to the oversea lines.
  7. the last router inside the Converge network located at the Philippines. This router sends the traffic to Los Angeles/US using the services from Level 3 Communications Inc.

For knowing the way packages are taking you can even take the tool tracert from the Windows command line. The result is looking like shown in the following screenshot:

Screenshot from the Windows command line of a tracert

As we like to monitor only the IP addresses at the Philippines in the responsibility from Converge ICT, we take as last IP their last router with the IP address I have used as monitoring tool the open source software Ping Tracer. Ping Tracer is sending out each second a ping to the routers on the way and shows the time needed until the answer got received and the lost packages (red colored) in a graphic. If you are debugging a network, then you have to start at the nearest router where the lost packages are starting. All other failures can be a follow up from the first router. By respecting this rule you have to search in our case, as the following screenshot is showing, for the problems in the connection from the router with the IP (0.76% packet loss) and (13.9% packet loss). The 0.76% packet loss at the IP can be a result of a tailback of IP packages in a retry queue when the queue is full.

Here the results of such a monitoring, which I have sent to the support from Converge ICT solutions on January 14, 2018:

Screenshot from a trace taken on 2018-01-14 09.37.54 from my Converge connection until the oversea line to Los Angeles/US

One day after the above support request got sent, the situation die not get changed. I have sent on January 15, 2018 the next support request to Converge ICT Solution with the values of a new trace:

Screenshot from a trace taken on 2018-01-15 12.53.55 from my Converge connection until the oversea line to Los Angeles/US

On January 16, 2018 I got the email response from Converge ICT Solutions, that the "problem got solved". Here a screenshot from the email:

A sign of quality of the Converge support is already the empty link (http://), which shall get clicked to reopen the ticket. As expected is the result from their "work" the same like before. With other words - they have nothing done to solve the problems as the following screenshot is showing. The email got received on January 16, 2018 03:07pm and the screenshot got taken on the same day at 07:50pm:

Screenshot from a trace taken on 2018-01-16 19.50.40 from my Converge connection until the oversea line to Los Angeles/US

A nice detail how Converge ICT Solution is how they are scamming their customers. It gets shown, by the following screenshot taken on January 16, 2018 at 04:33am, that Converge ICT Solutions is selling more bandwidth than they are able to handle inside their own network. As at this time normally all people are still sleeping and the network is during this time not really under heavy traffic. So the packet loss at this time is low, but still available. It is the problem from Converge that they have been too lazy for fixing their own internal network and the problems are now falling to their head by making problems for their customers.

Screenshot from a trace taken on 2018-01-16 04.33.48 from my Converge connection until the oversea line to Los Angeles/US

A trace back from a server in Austria/Europe shows that not one package at the oversea lines gets lost. The problem is getting found in the internal network structure and the network design. The outgoing routes are taking a different way as the incoming routes. While outgoing routes are passing Los Angeles by using the Level 3 network are taking incoming routes to the users IP addresses from Europe a route from and if you like to trace the last IP address, where the router sends all traffic to Los Angeles, then the inbound route is taking the routes from passing Hong Kong. A OSPF (Open Shortest Part First) seems to be a foreign word for the Converge ICT network technicians.

Summary: If you have the possibility to avoid this Internet provider you should avoid them. Even Internet amateurs are able to bring up better results and a better connectivity.


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