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Scammer at Philip Pateman from Belfast, UK

Where ever some money can get earned, you'll find scammers. Nobody is able to hindrance them in doing their dirty business. Even the restrictions for signing up at are not able to avoid scams. On the other site it can be also a trick from for bringing more of their subscribers into a paid membership.

All scammers have one common property: They are lazy. Some are even too lazy for using their own God given brain. In the actual case where I got yesterday on March 18, 2017 an invitation for a work, which got posted on December 24, 2016 and the result of the work should got delivered on February 1, 2017! Nobody can get done a work in the past. LOL

Philip Pateman withdrawn invitation

The funny thing about the invitation above is, that the invitation for the interview got withdrawn before I had the possibility to react on it. This makes also suspicious, because at this platform everybody has limited connection possibilities. Their official reason for limiting the possibilities for bidding on offers is avoiding spam. On the other site is the behavior from their clients, withdrawing invitations before they get answered, counterproductive for their own reputation.

Suspicious is also that Philip Pateman is offering since more than 2 month a part time job, where you have to work only 2 hours a day and get a payment of $1,500/month + bonuses and nobody takes such a job or is able to fulfill the requirements for the job. It gets shown in the following screenshot, where is written under the job offer that he has hired one from 781 sent invites and under the caption "About the Client" is written 3 Hires, 0 Active - $0 Total Spent!

Philip Pateman scam offer

Another joke of the century gets found in the job description. Philip Pateman needs to hire 5 Freelancers, who are working at least 2 hours per day and are getting paid $1,600 per month. That makes a sum of $8,000/month. For this amount of $8,000/month I even would work 10 hours a day and 6 or 7 days a week. LOL

Anyway, I even would not be able to fulfill the requirements for this job, because of my problems with the Internet provider here at the Philippines. In the job offer is written "Must be accessible, online during agreed-upon hours". If someone takes a look at my article Converge ICT Solution Inc. - a service desert and teasing their customers then he will find out that I'm not able to guarantee such a requirement. For this reason I don't need to apply for such a job.

For the case that Philip Pateman is not an invention from for stealing your connection points, then Philip Pateman from Belfast is using his real name and location. A search for Philip Pateman from the UK phone directory returns 19 results and only one is living in Belfast. Based on the 2006-17 Electoral Roll is he in the age group between 40 and 44. He is living together with Karen Mary Pateman (Karen Mary Mcmahon). A Philip Pateman from Belfast gets also found at LinkedIn. He is providing the following information about himself: He likes to be an Assistant Assembly Clerk to the Committee for Finance working at Northern Ireland Assembly since August 2009 and has at the moment 124 friends or contacts at LinkedIn. He describes his job as:

Supporting the Assembly's Committee for Finance in undertaking its advisory and scrutiny role in relation to the Department of Finance. Includes procedural advice, policy analysis and professional support.

For the case that all the information described here, is also fitting together in reality, then Philip Pateman has sent me an invite for his sham job offer and has been searching afterwards by using his favorite search engine for my name. In the result he has found my blogs and did not like to get famous. So he has withdrawn the invitation.

An alternate possibility is still available too. has invented Philip Pateman from Belfast for reducing your connection points faster.

In any case is the job offer provided at by Philip Pateman nothing else than a scam or an offer for being partner in crime of Philip Pateman.


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