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Crypto currencies where are the advantages?

Is somebody available, who can explain me the advantages of cryptocurrencies?

If I'm using inside the European Union a normal bank transfer, the transfer is free of charge and the receiver see it the next banking day on his account. If I'm transferring money from one bank account inside the European Union then I need to pay a transfer fee of € 7 and up to an transferred amount of € 1.500 € 4 (in total € 11). If I'm transferring more than € 1500 than for the amount above € 1500 will get added around 2‰ on fees.

On the other hand if I'm transferring Bitcoins I have to pay fees:

  • If I'm transferring bitcoins from the left hand wallet to the right hand wallet
  • If I'm buying Bitcoins
  • If I'm selling Bitcoins

Why shall I use in this case Bitcoins if I'm even not able to transfer them from one wallet to another one without fees?

Please tell me, where is the mistake or my thinking error and where are really the advantages from cryptocurrencies.


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